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Rare Pepper Seeds

Some the most interesting taste to be found in the world has come from rare pepper seeds. And it may be the very scarcity and the exotic nature of rare peppers that makes them so delectable. One example of an interesting rare pepper is the aji Brazilian pumpkin pepper. This rare pepper comes from Brazil and is a ridged, bright red fruit that has an intense heat too its taste. The rare pepper is grown from a heart plant that produces little pumpkin like fruit that are about 1 inch wide. The pepper shifts colors from green to red-orange as this rare pepper ripens.

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Mexican Jalapeno Pepper Seeds

The jalapeno pepper is typically sold green but you can occasionally find them ripened to a red color. They are about 2 to 3 inches long and about a quarter inch in diameter around the shoulder. The jalapeno pepper was cultivated in Mexico and after Xalapa Vercruz, the area where it is typically cultivated. As a matter of fact about 160 square km is devoted the cultivation of the jalapeno pepper. In many ways the jalapeno pepper is as much a part of Mexican culture as tequila.

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Peter Pepper Seeds

The peter pepper other wise known as the peter red chili or the eve inappropriate Chili Willy or the penis pepper is a special grown heirloom grown to mimic the dimensions of a particular male bodily organ. The Peppers dimensions are the following: Green stem with green leaves, the fruiting pepper’s color when ripened is green or red with a conical shape resembling a phallus. The peter pepper’s full grown length is around 2 to four inches and it is one inch in diameter at its shoulder. The Peter pepper is unique amongst the capsicum annum and even amongst heirloom fruit because of it s deliberately cultivated and provocative shape.

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Hot Pepper Seeds

The chemical which give the hot pepper its heat is called capsaicin as well as several other activating little chemical helpers. And these hot pepper chemicals don’t just have an effect on the tongue the can also be felt on the skins. Scientists refer to these hot pepper chemicals as capsacinoids. As a mater of fact these chemical are so strong that they are actually the primary chemical in most commercially available forms of pepper spray. Of course the modern application of pepper spray is not the first example of the hot pepper being used as a weapon India as well as the South and Central American jungle the hot pepper or its pepper cousin have been used for hunting wild game and as a form of crowd control.

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Padron Pepper Seeds

In Padron around 15,000kg of padron pepper are grown from seeds in the valley of the parish of Herbón. The first Festa do Pemento de Padron was held Herbón it was a large spectacular gastronomic event and since then it has been held every year in the carballeira of Herbón’s Franciscan convent and there are padron peppers every where. This location was chosen because the Franciscan monks were the ones who brought the first padron pepper seeds over from Mexico around the 16th century.

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Heirloom Peppers Seeds

Their a few more strange things in the world of the pepper than the heirloom pepper. Heirloom peppers are those outside the typical range of mainstream pepper cultivation, past the shelves of the most exotic modern grocery stores and into the very ancestral history of the pepper, back to humanities early cultivations and even before. These heirloom peppers could be thought of in the same way one might think of a classic example of fine furnishing. Heirloom peppers are essential antique peppers some varieties of antique heirloom pepper include the peter and the Amishland pepper variety. Heirloom pepper peppers can be immediately recognized by their unique shapes and coloring. Some are surprisingly geometric while other resembles strange amorphous blobs. These variations are what make the heirloom pepper such a popular commodity amongst the fans of the pepper population.

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Ornamental Pepper Seeds

Just because it is an ornamental pepper doesn’t mean the rules have changed in terms of how they should be cared for. These ornamental peppers like to be in warm areas and they are of course extremely frost-tender. You can grow ornamental peppers inside as long as the soil is moist but avoid over watering. If you like the flower of the particular ornamental pepper then you can either pinch the vines to control the growth or try removing the peppers quickly which will encourage the plant to flower.

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Habanero Pepper Seeds

The habanero is a true stable of the heritage of Cuban cooking and is integral part of thousands of traditional and experimental South American and Central American meals. The habanero pepper or as it is more commonly known the habanero chilli is amongst the most intense of the spicy Capsicum Chinese family. The habanero pepper begins as a small and green fruiting body but as it ripens the habanero pepper takes a red or orange hue but can even grown to a white pink or brown colour. They grow to about 1 to 2 1/2 inched in length.

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Naga Jolokia Pepper Seeds

The history behind naga jolokia pepper is one that is quickly infiltrating the popular mind as the pepper itself grabs the attention of those looking to see if the have the mental and testicular fortitude to stand up to the worlds most powerful pepper. Like any legend this pepper has many names depending on the region you find the pepper and on the people you find eating the naga jolokia pepper. In some circles it is referred to as the ghost pepper because of a derivative of the name Bhot to bhut creating the term ghost which Westerners found much more exotic.

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Green Pepper Seeds

Green peppers are actually members of the bell pepper gang. However, the green pepper is a notable stand out amongst and consider to the base and most common variation amongst the red, yellow, purple and white. The reason the green pepper is such a conventional component for foods like meat loaf and chicken and pasta is because unlike those other variations the green pepper is commonly bitterer. However this bitterness is not of putting because it actually enhances other flavors.

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