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Aleppo pepper seeds produce plants that have maroon to purple peppers that are dried and ground to use as a popular spice in many foods and are especially popular in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Aleppo peppers can be used as an alternative to red pepper flakes as they have a milder fruity flavor with cumin undertones. Aleppo peppers are also known as Halaby peppers. They are named after the city in Syria in which they were grown and sold on the ancient Silk Road. These peppers are mainly grown in Syria and Turkey but can flourish in other hot climates. Aleppo pepper seeds germinate best in full sun and tolerate dry conditions well. Sew the seeds about 12 inches apart after the last frost. You may also start them indoors approximately six weeks before the last frost is forecasted.

Aleppo peppers have a Scoville unit rating of 10,000 and are very similar in taste to ancho chilies but with a more oily and salty taste. The salty taste is attributed to the salt that is used in the drying process. The Aleppo pepper seeds are removed from the peppers before drying and crushing them. This may account for the low heat of these chilies since most of the heat in a chili resides in the seeds. Aleppo peppers have been used in the Middle East for centuries as a spice and have just recently gained popularity in the West. They are a great alternative if you do not like the heat of the cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes.


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