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As one of the most ubiquitous and likely the most widely known types of pepper in the culinary world, it is little surprise that the history of the black pepper seed is detailed and extensive. Known by its Latin name Piper nigrum, the black pepper is flower baring vine, of the family Piperaceae. Piperine is the chemical that actually makes black pepper spicy. The fruiting bodies that the black pepper vine produces are known as peppercorns, after they have been processed and dried and dark red when they have finished maturing and each contains a single seed. After they have been ground to a powder the black pepper seeds become what are commonly known as pepper or black pepper, green pepper or white pepper.

The black pepper vine is actually a native of India which is primarily where most of its cultivation takes place along with tropical areas like Vietnam, the largest and most profitable, exporter, and producer in the world. And the demand for black pepper is comparable to many of the basic food stables of all cultures, such as bread and rice. Black pepper is a common part of the preparation of an almost endless list of very common foods. Even the actual term pepper has become a part of the way all spicy seasoning is named in western cultures.

The ground form of black pepper is even utilized as a medicine as well as flavoring. Black pepper is the most widely traded spice in the world and the most commonly used in the cooking of many European foods.


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